The GM is a Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) marketplace where users can buy and sell real world goods using cryptocurrency. We leverage blockchain solutions to enable trustless online transactions with heightened security, front-running the transformation of global e-commerce as demand for cryptocurrencies and decentralised economies grow.


gm. rollout


Software Development

Creating the code for the GM, including Frontend, Backend & Smart contracts


Audits and checks

Frontend UI Audit, Backend Code Security Audit, Smart Contract Audits, SIT & UAT alongside implementation of analytics


Marketing Commencement & Vendor Provisioning

Commence GM marketing campaigns, and provision the products from our GM Merchant Partners

JAN goes live

Use your ETH or USDC to purchase from a wide-range of listed goods on the GM


  • Do I need an NFT to use the GM?

    You do not need an NFT to use the GM. Simply use your Ethereum address to create an account and start shopping

  • Is there a fee for a successful order?

    There is no fee for a buyer using the GM. Merchants pay a flat fee of 5% for every successful order. (5% fee deducted at purchase, in the currency the buyer has selected at checkout)

  • How will Shipping work on the GM?

    Shipping Options depend on each individual merchant. You can select your country from our country toggle at the top of the screen to see which items can be shipped to you. Our product page also shows where items are shipped to

  • Is sales tax included for merchants on the GM?

    Merchants have the option of turning on sales tax for any countries or states they may be obligated to pay sales tax in

  • What is an Escrow Purchase? How does it work?

    Escrow purchases are security procedures involving the use of a third-party, to ensure transactions are completed safely and securely between the buyer and seller. For a buyer who chooses to use the GM escrow feature, funds are sent to a smart contract and are released to the seller only after the item has been received in good order. This gives the buyer and seller confidence and peace of mind

  • Can I use $PXN to buy any items on the GM?

    The GM will feature a PxN store that allows buyers to purchase items with $PXN. If they should choose, merchants will also be able to accept $PXN for transactions, further into our development

  • What if there are disputes on the GM?

    Buyers who have purchased with Escrow are protected from any disputes by the GM Dispute Program. For any issues concerning Shipping or Product, our GM Customer Services Team will assist you directly via ticket

  • I am not a merchant - will I be able to list my items for sale?

    The GM is launching as an initial B2C platform, before rolling out our P2P platform further into 2023. Once this P2P Platform is initiated, all our GM users will be able to list items for sale using $PXN

  • What are the advantages of being a PxN NFT holder on the GM?

    The PxN NFT you hold will generate $PXN in perpetuity, and can be used in a range of ways on the GM, including buying items from our PxN Store. We are always looking at ways to reward our PxN holders on the GM, so keep an eye out for special deals, discounts and PxN holders-only items

Sell on

Do you own a store and would like to have your items listed on the GM - the first web3 physical goods market place? We would love to have you on board. Reach out to [email protected] so we can get you selling your goods for ETH and USDC to a whole market of crypto natives.